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Often, when planning a leisurely holiday or even a short weekend getaway, we spend much of our time negotiating the places our friends, families or significant others would like to go, and the things we’d like to see, do and eat while we’re away.

Before long, an escape can instead turn into a hectic schedule — a list of things that need to be done in quick succession. So imagine a holiday that’s all mapped out for you, all about taking it slow, and is all about you — a solo trip centred on relaxation, fun and fresh air.

Surf Sistas is a community-oriented girl gang creating surfing adventures and leisurely courses in Cornwall, Wales, France, Portugal, Morocco, Bali and Costa Rica — for people at all levels and of varying interests.

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Our Editor-in-Chief Rachel Khoo attended a surfing retreat with Surf Sistas, and has been singing its praises since (and making the rest of the Khoollect team long for an outdoors escapade of their own!).

Aside from its surfing-centred escapes, Surf Sistas also runs its All the Good Things Retreats, which broaden the focus to other restorative activities. Picture yoga on the beach, foraging for food, taking Polaroids of your naturally picturesque surrounds, enjoying long walks, doing wild swimming, partaking in crafts, sampling fine wines and staying in beautiful eco-friendly accommodation right at the ocean’s doorstep.

And, you’d don’t have to be skilled in any of these areas; it’s all about learning, unwinding and having fun. You might even meet some new lifelong friends.

It’s like a summer camp for like-minded grown-ups with discerning tastes (with fewer rules and teenage boys). If you’d like more information, or hope to book a spot in an upcoming Surf Sistas retreat, visit the website.

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