Keen on coffee? Drink up with 9 coffee break reads

Come April 6-9, The London Coffee Festival brings the scent of freshly roasted coffee to Khoollect HQ’s part of the world. And, as a team of coffee-sipping fanatics, we couldn’t be more pleased to welcome this celebration of the humble coffee bean into town.

To set the scene, we’ve put together our favourite coffee stories from the Khoollect files. So prep the cafetiere, flip those Aeropresses and get to work on your best latte art. Then, get settled in with one of our caffeinated reads:

  1. Tips for making iced coffee at home
  2. A delicious bag of beans to try
  3. A great use for leftover grains
  4. An infographic about your coffee consumption habits
  5. Nine places to get your caffeine fix
  6. A coffee-flavoured sweet treat
  7. A book to guide you through London’s coffee scene
  8. Our favourite coffee cameos in films
  9. Lattes for those who like a pop of colour in their hot drinks


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