Khoollect Contributing Writer, Sonya Gellert

***Rachel Khoo would like to thank all the inspiring people who helped make the Khoollect studio a hive of creativity. Although the Khoollect studio’s doors have now closed, you can keep up with Rachel’s newest adventures on and on Rachel’s Instagram and Facebook pages – and, continue to enjoy the Khoollect website’s stories and recipes, which will remain available.***

Meet Khoollect Contributing Writer and Associate Editor, Sonya Gellert. With a wealth of experience in the magazine publishing industry, this London-based Brisbanite writes and edits Khoollect’s content with flair (and never misses a grammatical error!).

Keep your eyes peeled for Sonya’s writings around the place.

A Day in the Life of Sonya

How did you get your job with Khoollect?

I’m still scratching my head at how I scored this dream job! What started as a chat over a cider with Rachel Khoo soon turned into an exciting offer I couldn’t refuse! But, I think it was probably my unwavering enthusiasm – and a little luck – that helped me get this fabulous gig. I started as the Copy Editor here, and soon became Rachel’s Deputy.

Tell us a bit about your background?

My working history is deeply founded in magazines. I’m a sucker for a beautifully designed, well-written publication – be it digital or print. Over the years I’ve contributed to and worked for as many publications as I can. I’ve also volunteered my time as an intern to learn as much as possible. A few years ago, I completed a master’s degree in writing, editing and publishing.

In 2015, together with a good friend, I launched my own project named littleWren magazine. Before littleWren, I was working on a variety of street press, creative and corporate publications based in Brisbane, Australia. Oh, and there was a stint where I lived and taught English in Japan.

What are your tips on scoring a job like this?

When you’re starting out, say a resounding ‘hell yes!’ to every opportunity that comes your way. And, if nothing’s coming your way – go out and create opportunities. Contact companies you’re interested in working for and volunteer. Let your passion shine on the page in your applications, and hone your technical skills. If you’re in it for the love of language and storytelling, people around you will recognise this. Keenness is catching.

Also, always proofread your application!

Best Kept Secrets

I khoollect a few …  

… fun accessories, musical instruments and magazines.

What’s your favourite item in your #khoollection?

My favourite item is a half-sized Indian sitar. I’m abysmal at playing it, but it’s a beautiful piece that produces a lovely sound. I’ll get there some day.

A life lesson that you’d tell your younger self?

Be patient and don’t over think things. And, while you’re listening, never use a clothes iron to straighten out your curls.

What’s your secret ingredient or top tip in the kitchen?

Make your own pickles and preserves – it’s super easy to do and they’re handy to have in the pantry.

Favourite corner of the Internet?

You’ll often catch me checking out a visually satisfying blog like The Design Files or A Beautiful Mess. During the colder months, I enjoy doing yoga at home – so online yoga classes become a regular haunt too.

Dogs or cats?

Dogs. Always dogs.

Who’s your #khoollectcrush?

Wes Anderson, Camille Walala and Zadie Smith.

Urban Favourites

Where do you call home?

I grew up and have spent most of my life on the picturesque eastern coastline of Australia’s ‘Sunshine State’: Queensland. Since a recent relocation to the UK from Brisbane, I now call the spirited northern fringe of Central London my home.

Favourite food?

This is a very tough question, but I’d rarely refuse any dish that involves truffle oil or fresh figs. Being vegetarian, I do enjoy hearty plant-based dishes like Rachel Khoo’s Shepherdless Pie or an aubergine parmigiana.

Favourite drink?

I’m partial to a negroni and love to imbibe a dark, black coffee of a morning.

Top three spots to hang out in your hometown?

In Brisbane, I’d opt for Pearl Cafe in Woolloongabba, Southside Tea Room in Morningside and Sourced Grocer in Newstead. Each poses an idyllic spot for a slow meal or drink in a laid-back setting.

Best way to spend a Sunday morning?

Sunday mornings are best spent in the local park with a great book.

Your favourite place for coffee?

I’m a big fan of Nanna’s in Islington, for coffee paired with something delicious on the side. It’s an inviting space, just like a nanna’s home.

Favourite places to eat?

To cure a sugar craving I head straight to Ottolenghi on Angel’s Upper Street. To forage for lunch foods I visit Maltby Street or Borough Markets. And for a more substantial feast I indulge at Dishoom.

Are you from Brisbane too? Tell us about some of your favourite haunts to eat and drink in the comments below.

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