Autumn’s must-watch films

The 60th BFI London Film Festival kicks off next week. If you’re out and about in London make sure to head down to the Southbank for some cinematic treats. In the meantime, here’s a run-down of the films we can’t wait to watch this autumn.

‘Girl On The Train’ is hitting cinemas next Friday and it looks as spooky as it is entertaining. Following on from the best-selling novel of the same title, this cold thriller is one we’re definitely excited for. We’re hoping it’s got thrills, and we’re hoping it’s got chills. But one thing’s for certain – it’s got Emily Blunt, and that’s enough for us.

Samuel l. Jackson plays a twisted villain out to kill all the kids in ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’. If you love a bit of Tim Burton style fantasy, this is for you.

Here’s another psychological thriller for you in ‘Nocturnal Animals’. Directed by Tom Ford, this novel turned movie sees Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams creepily cross paths again after their failed marriage.

If you want to have a giggle at one of the most controversial religions in recent times don’t miss ‘My Scientology Movie’. You can’t really go wrong with Louis Theroux’s awkward style of comedic journalism.

Space fascinates us, and ever since Elon Musk announced his plans to get us to Mars within 6 years!… we’ve had space on the brain. Watch ‘Arrival’ when it’s released in early November and 5 years, 10 months later – you could be living the movie.

We couldn’t resist throwing in a cat movie. And let’s face it, even if you’re a dog person – you love a funny cat video. ‘Nine Lives’ has been out since August. Let us know, in the comments, if you’ve seen it and what you thought.

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