Cinematic travel: 9 films to take you on a trip

Taking time out for a lengthy vacation isn’t always an option, but by settling in with a bowl of popcorn in your comfiest chair you can be whisked away by great films about travels. Here are nine of our favourites:

Darjeeling Limited (2007)

This quintessentially Wes Anderson film doesn’t necessarily make train travel through India look glamorous, but it does take you on a beautifully cinematic journey through the colourful country (while exploring a complex relationship between three brothers).

Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987)

This 1980s classic reminds you that sometimes travel plans don’t always turn out the way you envisaged (and that sometimes that’s okay).

Lost in Translation (2003)

This lauded Sofia Coppola film prompts dreams of travel in a place where language can be a barrier, but where you’re bound to meet friendly faces too.

The Secret life of Walter Mitty (2013)

If you’re seeking a Sunday afternoon viewing with plenty of picturesque scenery, pop this one on and sit back.

The Endless Summer (1966)

Craving a relaxing beach getaway? This much-loved sixties film (with plenty of surf-rock guitars on the soundtrack) follows a troupe of surfers as they catch waves across the world.

Amelie (2001)

If Paris is your dream destination, experience a lovely case of armchair travel through the adventures of Amelie.

Manhattan (1979)

Filmed in black and white, this Woody Allen film shows the Postcard-perfect angles of his home: New York City.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert (1994)

This film, following three drag queens in their tour across the Outback (in their bus, Priscilla), not only has a fantastic disco-themed soundtrack, but paints an interesting picture of remote Australia.

Roman Holiday (1953)

Take a glimpse at Rome (albeit a Royal one) via this 1953 Audrey Hepburn classic that captures Rome at its finest.

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