Big Plans, Small Space Week 8 – Kitchen creations

If we asked you to guess which area of our new renovation fills us with the most anticipation, what would you say?

It’s the kitchen, easily – you all got that right?

Though we were talking about how exciting it will be to make proper use of our garden space last week, the kitchen is always going to be the most important part of Khoollect HQ.

It’s the hub of all that we do and the place where we and Editor-in-Chief Rachel, will be able to really let our creative energies out.

So for this fact alone, this week’s trip to the flat was always going to be extra special.

khoollect kitchen

With all but one support beam in as well as the skeleton of where the sky lights will be already fitted, we can really see how the space is going to look for all future Khoollect creations and collaborations.

It feels like every week we say that ‘the next few weeks will fly by’, but with only a few more bricks needing to be laid to finish off the outside wall, it really will be a fairly quick turnaround before the final project will be finished.

So this month is going to be filled with our design dreams and inspirations, from what Rachel sees for the kitchen interior to the design details we can’t be without.

Keep up with us over on Instagram and Pinterest to find out more! For now, we’ll see you next week.




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