Khoollect tips: small kitchen secrets

The Khoollect team members are no strangers to small kitchen spaces (remember Editor-in-Chief Rachel Khoo’s Little Paris Kitchen?). With most of our small team living in London, we’ve all learned to adapt to sharing small cooking spaces and storing our pantry items with care. Here are our small kitchen secrets, which we’ve tried and tested:

  1. Compartmentalise
    Whether you’re spring cleaning the space underneath your sink, or tidying up your pantry or fridge, it’s time to make friends with baskets and storage boxes. Group together things that belong in the same area: consider a box for condiments, one for pulses and grains, and one for spices, for example.
  2. Get hooked
    Place hooks over the backs of cupboard doors, and on the bottom of wall shelving to hang utensils, pots and frying pans from. You’ll find it’s easier to locate things more quickly, and your cupboard space will be freed up.
  3. Employ magnets
    If the side of your fridge is bare, use this space to attach a magnetic hanging basket for kitchen gadgets. Or, pop a stick-on magnet on the end of your spice jars and store them on your fridge (just make sure the lids are on properly before you do!).
  4. Think like a minimalist
    Sure, as foodies we all love to collect crockery, fun ingredients and interesting appliances. But, if the items in your kitchen are hardly used and do not serve multiple functions, consider listing them on OLIO or gifting them to a friend who could use them more often. Less clutter means easier cooking and a better functioning kitchen.
  5. Look up!
    Unless you’re in a rental that has rules against this suggestion, look to the ceiling for further storage space. Hang pots, pans, mugs and utensils from clever ceiling storage racks with hooks to create convenience and space. Just ensure your hanging items aren’t going to meet heads at the height you hang them.

Tell us in the comments below, what are your small kitchen secrets?


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