Dreaming of a new Khoollect HQ

I’m on the hunt for a new Khoollect HQ – a space that’s big enough to accommodate my growing team of staff, provide a comfy base for me in London, and allow me to travel to and from Heathrow airport with ease (or at least, with only a small amount of headache).

I’ve always been one to use my accommodation in a multi-functional way. If you’ve watched The Little Paris Kitchen, then you’ll understand what I’m talking about. My tiny 21 square metre studio apartment was used for developing recipes, hosting my two-seater restaurant, filming the TV show, as well as its primary purpose – living, eating and sleeping.

Wasting space is simply not an option in expensive urban settings such as London, so I’m sure it will come as no surprise to you that the current Khoollect HQ is based out of my living room. But, if all goes to plan, then Khoollect will be moving in a month or so to a new home on the other side of London. My plan is to create another multi-functional space, that allows me to:

  • Accommodate up to five staff in a working space during office hours
  • Host and carry out photo and film shoots
  • Shut myself away from the rest of the world and live like a normal human being outside of office hours.
  • To achieve this, it will be absolutely essential to maximise each and every corner and millimetre of space.

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I’ve been doing my research and have stumbled across some nifty ways to maximise space in small urban settings. I’ve added lots of unique interior and design ideas to this Pinterest board, and have been finding lots of inspiration on design and architecture websites. Here are my three favourite ideas so far for achieving the space I want:

Mobile furniture

Russian design studio Ruetemple create flexible spaces using multi-functional furniture that can quickly and easily transform a meeting room to a private space, to relaxation area. Checkout this great feature on Dezeen that illustrates this clever design concept.

Dreaming of a new Khoollect HQ

Light, Light, Light

For the best results in food photography and filming, you need lots of natural light. Due to the nature of British weather, you can’t rely on endless sunshine, so maximising the way natural light finds it way into the space will be essential.

Smart storage

It’s really important that I can convert the Khoollect HQ office space back into a ‘home’ at the end of the working day. This means every trace of ‘work’ must be able to be packed away with ease – paperwork, chairs, furniture. There’s nothing worse than sitting down to dinner to see papers staring back at you.

Disappearing act

I don’t want my whole team to see my untidy bed, so a little bit of magic will be required. I’ll be sure to find a wall bed that simply disappears behind a discreet panel, vanishing without a trace. No messy bed covers in sight.

If you have any clever ideas for how I can achieve my ultimate home and work space, let us know in the comments below. You could even tag @khoollect on any Instagram pics you think might pique our interest.

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