Marie Kondo’s tips: how to organise your sock drawer

The home should be a place to relax, unwind and declutter the mind. And a messy home means a messy brain. Finding time and ways to keep all those extra clothes you’re storing neat and tidy is sometimes a tricky task. Luckily for you, Marie Kondo is here to help. Reading the Japanese decluttering guru’s book Spark Joy an illustrated master class on the art of organizing and tidying up is a sure-fire way to help you make the home a more organised place.

To get you started, Marie has shared an excerpt from her book on the best methods for organising your sock drawer:

Marie Kondo

Socks and Stockings
Gather not only socks and stockings that are currently in use, but also any extras that are still in their packages. If you have a lot, sort them by category: socks, stockings, tights, and leggings. Some people think it doesn’t really matter if they wear socks with holes in them or tights that are pilled, but this is like declaring ‘today doesn’t really matter’. Your feet bear your weight and help you live your life, and it is your socks that cradle those feet. The socks you wear at home are particularly important because they are the contact point between you and your house, so choose ones that will make the time you spend there even more enjoyable.

Balling your socks and stockings, or tying them into knots, is cruel. Please put an end to this practice today.

How to fold socks
Lay one sock against the other and fold as many times as needed depending on the length of the socks. This is the simplest item, which makes it a great place to start if you want to teach your children how to fold.

Extracted from ‘Spark Joy an illustrated master class on the art of organizing and tidying up’ by Marie Kondo, published by Penguin.

And for all you visual learners out there, here’s Marie showing us how to fold like a pro…

What are your tips and tricks to declutter the home or organise your drawers? Let us know in the comments below…

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