Mindful viewing: watch our Mindful Moment with Khoollect event

At the beginning of February, Team Khoollect hosted a slow-living-inspired event named A Mindful Moment with Khoollect (click through to learn more about who was there and what was talked about). We know a lot of our wonderful community lives far beyond our HQ base in London, however, so we made sure we captured snippets from the evening on film to share with you.

Here, you’ll see a collection of videos from the event (which are also over on our YouTube channel). Grab a cup of tea, take a comfy seat and enjoy…

Meet our mindful speakers:

Saasha Celestial-One of OLIO

Maria Stone of Miel Magazine

Lyndsey Haskell of What You Sow

Emily Mitchel of The Mindfulness Project

Watch the Q+A

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