Rainy day projects: the Khoollect DIY round-up

Here in London we’re never short on rainy weekend days — and although, for some, this may sound grim, for us it’s the perfect time to put our list of long-awaited DIY projects into action. It may be tempting to stay in bed with a good book and listen to the gentle tapping of raindrops on the roof, but if you can muster the willpower to crawl out from under the duvet, there are plenty of fun indoor projects you could try:

Get crafty

A weekend day spent inside is the perfect excuse to try your hand at a new hobby or craft. If you have a sewing machine gathering dust somewhere in your home, it might be time to pull off the cover and try these sewing tips out. Or, you could pretty your home with paper flowers, try your hand at calligraphy (it’s never too early to make a start on your handmade Christmas gift tags!), or test these tips on taking up potting. For a mini to-do that requires very little material, try out these simple scarf-tying techniques.

Think outside the box

Often there are those bigger undertakings you’ve been thinking about ticking off your list, but have been too busy to attempt; so what better time to give them a go? Whether you’ve wanted to try painting a life-like portrait of your pet, rearranging your home or redecorating a space, planning a dinner party, honing your photography skills, or even starting a creative business venture, set aside some time to get started, stat!

Step into the kitchen

Sometimes it seems drizzly weather can set stomachs growling, so testing out a new recipe or kitchen-based project can be the perfect solution for both boredom and hunger.

Preserving is an excellent (and fruitful) hobby to pick up; and pickling or making jams is a great place to start. Not only will the results serve as a delicious on-hand snack, but could also make wonderful homemade gifts for loved ones. It’s also a no-fuss way to reduce your food waste by using up old ingredients.

While you’re in the kitchen, you might as well try mastering croissants (then flavouring them with delicious fillings), baking brownies and making hot chocolate from scratch. The rewards for your efforts will speak for themselves.


What are your go-to rainy day activities? Comment below…

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