9 cool design items from the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair

In the name of research, for the new Khoollect HQ and my Goldilocks Mission to find the perfect chairs for the office, I headed to the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair this weekend. The Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair is the largest Scandinavian fair of its sort.


It had an impressive array of designers, makers and producers, showing everyone that Sweden has more to offer than the Ikea flat pack. Here are 9 things that caught my eye:

  1. Sonos Dagny Workstation

Dagny Workstation for Khoollect

If you caught my Instastory on Saturday, you would have seen I posted a very bright orange version of this. It was hard not to spot it with its ‘this table got tangoed‘ colour. I liked the mobility aspect of this as well as the masses of storage it contained. Maximising every space possible for storage. I could imagine having two smaller versions of this, which you could join into two. It would certainly give us more flexibility with our small space, using it both as a work station for computers as well as cooking prep and potentially a dining room table.

2. Poiat Lavitta chair

Poiat Lavitta chair Khoollect

The clean minimalist lines and the aesthetically pleasing way they  stack is what drew me to these chairs initially. I did, however, sit in it…and found them not very comfortable. Perhaps these are preferred more for design rather than function; or maybe the upholstered version is slightly softer.

3. The freedesk

The freedesk Khoollect

I almost missed this stand, as it was tucked away in a corner of the fair, far away from the glamorous flashy brands. I spend most of my time working from home, and, currently, I don’t have a proper desk. I’m also starting to think that sitting the whole day isn’t ideal and a standing desk might be a good alternative. It was super easy to set up and had a variety of heights, which work for my shortie self too.

4. Gemla coathanger

Gemla coathanger Khoollect

The type of coat stand that you could spot in a French bistro at the turn of the twentieth century has been on my radar for a while now. But I’ve yet to discover one on my travels; plus they do take up too much floor space and probably not the wisest thing to have with my soon-to-be crawling baby grabbing stuff. Gemla’s version was first manufactured in 1959. They recently relaunched it after discovering it in their archives.  It comes in a variety of colours. My favourite (not pictured) was a very dark brown almost black.

5. Fleimio trolley

Flemio trolley Khoollect

Nifty little trolley. This reminds me of a modern version of a library trolley.

6. Boom interiors

Boom interiors Khoollect

Boom interiors closed Khoollect

There were a lot of companies offering sound-proofing furniture, which is something I hadn’t really thought about it for Khoollect HQ. It got me thinking how I could incorporate it into the space without it being obtrusive. I’m not a big fan of carpets (not practical with the foot traffic the space receives) and it doesn’t necessary help if you do have colleagues who are having a meeting. I spotted Boom interiors who had a sound-proofing wall that could be pulled out to create a sound-proof room and then pushed back when not needed. A bit cumbersome when I tried to push it, but the idea was neat.

7. 2016’s pink trend continued to dominate the show


8. As well as tone-on-tone interiors


9. Gotesson’s up-and-down lighter

Gotessons_The_Lightning_ Khoollect

We currently have a lighting problem at Khoollect HQ. It doesn’t help that we’re in the depth of winter and the main workspace wall’s colour is a dark teal. This caught my eye as it has dual functionality with its down-and-up lighting. I’m not 100 percent sure about the actual design but it opened my eyes to looking at multi-functional lighting.

Did you go to the Stockholm Furniture Fair? What were your favourite items? Does anyone know of any good interior design shows planned for the UK? Let me know!

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