The Khoollect birthday party: celebrating our first year in style

Looking out over the sparkling Thames from the the stylish surrounds of London’s Blueprint Café, Team Khoollect was joined by a #khoollection of wonderful people from its community.

Sonya Gellert and Hannah Adams

Sipping on champagne and chamomile tea cocktails (Blueprint’s original ‘G & Teas’), feasting on delicious canapés and tucking in to a fabulous chocolate mousse cake decorated with berry bark, the team and guests celebrated a year since Khoollect’s launch.

Blue Print Cafe

Topping the cafe’s tables in beautiful peach-and-green hues were fresh flowers from Bloom & Wild. The lovely London-based team hand-tied gorgeous bunches in preparation for the event.

Birthday Cake 01

The attentive Blueprint team kept glasses topped and food coming, as guest relaxed on the terrace. Editor-in-Chief Rachel Khoo also Skyped in from abroad to say ‘hello’ and to thank our community for their support over the past year.


And, to end the evening, gift bags filled with fantastic treats from the Khoollect community were handed out. Guests were treated to beverages from Square Root Soda, champagne and raspberry marshmallows from The Marshallowist, peanut butter from Pic’s Peanut Butter, organic soaps from Little Soap Company and sweet maps from Herb Lester.

Party Bags 01

And what would a party be without (biodegradable) confetti? Thanks to Confetti Lane for the colourful paper goods.

Camomile Tea Cocktails 0§

Champagne 01

The team would love to say a big thank you to those who came and partied, to those who contributed their products and services on the evening, to all who’ve supported Khoollect over the past year, to everyone we’ve had the pleasure of featuring and meeting, and to all those who have enjoyed keeping up with Khoollect each week! Here’s to a great year ahead. Cheers!

Party Bags

And as a thank you to you all, the team has put together an official Khoollect e-cookbook filled with enticing original recipes by Rachel Khoo, styled by our Food Editor Frankie Unsworth, and photographed by Creative Editor Lara Messer. Subscribe to our newsletter to get your copy! Already signed up? Expect the link in your inbox on Monday 22 August.

You can check out what went on at the party in this fun video by our Creative Editor Lara Messer:


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