Pinky Fang’s tips for posing pets

If you’ve ever looked at your pet and thought, ‘I’d love to capture this moment in ink’, then you’re in for a pleasant project. Pinky Fang is a dab-hand at creating illustrations of creatures great and small, and is all too familiar with pets that prefer not to pose.

Here’s her tips for getting your pet to sit still (for a little while, at least):

Work around your pet’s sleeping habits

You’re not going to get a good likeness of your pet if they’re asleep. Make sure they’re awake. ­This may be trickier if you own a lazy cat like mine. You probably have about a twenty-minute window a day between food and sleep.

Bribe your pet with treats

If you have an obedient dog, you might be able to get them to sit still for minute, while they focus on a treat in your hand. Don’t push it for too long though, a drooling and/or angry dog isn’t an attractive look for a portrait.

Slobber-free sittings are the best kind

Don’t give your cat catnip prior to a sitting, (as above, a drooling cat is not going to make an attractive picture!). Try to capture a moment when they’re not looking too drowsy.

And, if all else fails?

Hire a stunt double of your pet that’s better at sitting still than your own.

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