Forget the fear and double-up on denim

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Khoollect Editor-in-Chief Rachel Khoo is daring in her fashion choices. She’s not even afraid to challenge some of those much maligned fashion faux pas that actually, more often than not, work. One of those would-be fails is doubling up on denim.

This hard-wearing durable fabric has been around for years, and first emerged as workwear for men. Decades on, it’s still going strong, and is a stalwart of the fashion scene. Rachel shares the secret to making it work when 1+1 = double denim.

Get the look

Don’t be afraid to double-up on denim. From dungarees, to jeans, skirts, shirts, jackets and more – I’m more than happy to overdo it. It’s a myth that you can only wear one item at a time, so don’t shy away from mixing denim with denim to achieve an effortlessly chic or more casual everyday look.

Rachel's guide to Double Denim

The items I’m wearing are handpicked from just a few readily-accessible high street shops.

The denim shirt is a reasonably priced basic from Uniqlo. If you can’t find one there, then most of your high street shops will stock something very similar.

The jeans I bought from TopShop. They seem to be the only affordable brand that cater for my short legs and my curves. Again, these are not top-of-the-range denims, and similar styles can be purchased in any number of outlets.

Rachel's Double Denim

The necklace and boots are both from Zara. I stumbled across them one day and they’ve since become some of my favourite accessories – perfect for pairing with lots of different outfits. P.S. The boots have a secret wedge, making little old me just a tad taller.

What’s your favourite denim item in your wardrobe and how long have you owned it? Tell us in the comments below.

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