Hannibal Lecter beauty inspiration: sheet masks

Photo: Rachel Khoo trying to do her best panda impression.

Is it time to take some beauty tips from Hannibal Lecter? We think so. And no, we’re certainly not suggesting you follow his dietary habits.

Sheet masks have been around for a while now. They’ve filtered through from niche South Korean beauty products to being found on the high street. There’s not much not to like about them. They come in handy packages, so you don’t have to worry about any leaks and spillages in your suitcase (a must for travelling). They have the exact dosage of beauty product you require in the packet too, making them quick to pop on with no messing around. The excess product can be left on your skin and simply absorbed.

And, if you’re brave enough to scare your fellow passengers with Hannibal Lecter face on a long-haul flight, then your face will arrive feeling refreshed and rehydrated (I have done this on a couple of long flights). I recommend you keep your sheet masks in the fridge. The extra cooling effect comes in handy if it’s a hot day.

Rachel Khoo's favourite face masks

When I was last in Sydney I discovered a couple of local Korean beauty stores where I picked up some random masks (not really knowing what they did). Here’s a round-up of a few favourites:

1. Innisfree acai berry

Opening up the packet, you’re hit with juicy berry fragrance. The refreshing sweet acai berry is a great pick-me-up if your skin is feeling a little tired.

2. Missha Animal Mask

If you need something to cheer you up, then this the mask for you. It’ll definitely give your friends a giggle when you pop them on. Perfect for a pyjama party. There are a range of animal masks to choose from, including pandas, tigers, piggies, foxes and an even an otter (whatever your animal preference is).

Manuka Honey Face Mask

3. Lanacrème Manuka Honey face mask

Face need some TLC? These ones are rich and nourishing. The combination of Manuka honey, collagen, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and argan oil make these perfect for when your face is feeling dehydrated and dry.

Have you tried sheet masks? Which are your favourite?

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