Khoollect tips: dressing like an Italian gentleman

These style tips come to Khoollect from the very dapper Roberto Revilla, owner of bespoke luxury tailor Roberto Revilla London.

For centuries, the Italians have been at the forefront of European fashion. From Naples to Milan to Florence, the Renaissance breathed new life into European culture. And, today, Italian men are known for looking so darn good — in whatever they happen to be wearing. So with that in mind, here are my top tips on how to dress like an Italian gentleman:

It’s all about the loafers

Loafers are relaxed yet elegant and ooze style. Ditch your brogues and instead opt for a pair of leather or suede slip-ons, for the classic Italian look.

Forget about your socks

Now before you reach for the top drawer and pull out your finest embroidered socks, think twice. The key to the laid-back, suave demeanour is to negate the socks altogether. Who needs ’em? Just slip on those loafers and make the most of the fresh air around your ankles before the autumn comes ’round again!

Never underestimate your jacket’s top pocket

Think a top pocket is for shoving your travel card in? Think again. Invest in good quality silk handkerchiefs (the more vivid the better), that you can fold and have protruding out from the top pocket. A handkerchief provides the gentleman with a certain elegance and charm, and encapsulates the smooth sophistication of the overall look.

Roberto Revilla

To tie or not to tie?

You’ve got the suit, you’ve got the shirt and you’ve got the shoes; but let’s face it: there are some days that we all dread doing up that top button and putting together a half-Windsor knot. So why not do away with your tie altogether? Go a step further and tuck a light silk neck scarf around your neck. But, if you do need to wear a tie, then stick to quality – for me, only the likes of Hermes, Ferragamo and Drake’s London will do.

Embrace colours

Think bold. Forget blacks and greys; you want light, fresh colours for your suit/jacket and trouser combination, as well as your tie and shirt. Think duck egg blue and salmon pink. This means you need to start getting familiar with linens and cottons! Marry cream trousers with a deep green jacket. Opt for brown leather shoes over black, and choose the accessories to match; the combinations are endless and the sky is the limit!

So there you have it: my five top tips on how to dress like an Italian gentleman. If you go for any one of these you will find yourself on the right path, but opt for all five style choices, paired with the best-quality your budget allows, and you simply can’t go wrong.


What are you dapper style tips? Comment below!

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