Khoollect Editor-in-Chief, Rachel Khoo

***Rachel Khoo would like to thank all the inspiring people who helped make the Khoollect studio a hive of creativity. Although the Khoollect studio’s doors have now closed, you can keep up with Rachel’s newest adventures on and on Rachel’s Instagram and Facebook pages – and, continue to enjoy the Khoollect website’s stories and recipes, which will remain available.***

Meet Rachel Khoo – Editor-in-Chief and the driving force behind Khoollect. It might seem she’s always flitting off on fun international culinary adventures, but as head of the team at Khoollect she’s also also responsible for managing a team of staff, fixing computer problems, and resolving a number of both exciting and mundane business challenges.

Rachel shares the inspiration behind her new project, what it’s like to spend a day in her shoes, as well as a raft of insider tips on eating your way around London.

A Day in the Life of Rachel

Where do you call home?

London. To be precise East London. You can often see me scooting around on an ugly bike, wearing a bright yellow mac. I’m usually late for meetings and appointments, so I’ll show up with bright red cheeks and sweaty hair stuck to my forehead. Great look!

What’s it like running a little start-up company?

Exciting, challenging and slightly nerve-racking. Khoollect gives me sleepless nights. A bit like having a baby I suppose. The sleepless nights are not always because I’m racking my brain trying to solve problems – sometimes I’m just too excited about how much creative potential Khoollect has.

How do you balance this job with your other ‘Rachel Khoo’ work – like writing recipe books and filming TV shows?

I’m actually not sure how I do it. I guess I try not to let the work overwhelm me. I take one day at a time. Every morning I sit down with my cup of tea and write down what I need to achieve.

Tell us about a day in the life of Rachel Khoo at Khoollect?


There’s no average day at Khoollect, but it usually starts with a training session at 6-7am. If I don’t get my exercise done in the morning, then it never gets done. After that, I speed cycle back home and have a quick shower before Bex, Khoollect’s Content Coordinator, knocks on my front door. I want to make sure I’m dressed before the team arrives!

Then I have a cup of tea and make a list of all the things I want to achieve that day. I’ll then usually chat with the team to see what’s happening and brainstorm some ideas. The team works from my living room (in true start-up fashion), and I work next door in my office (which is actually just the spare bedroom). We often shout through the next room to each other “did you think of this…?”

I’ll then spend the morning replying to emails, writing recipes, putting together ideas, working on Khoollect’s editorial calendar, or dealing with the dreaded (and quite mundane) paperwork, filing receipts and paying bills. Most days I’ll have an afternoon meeting or have to run some errands, which means I’m back on the bike. If it’s raining, I’ll bag myself the top front seat on the double decker.

After the meeting, it’s back to the office to continue with emails, pitches and creative brainstorming. There might also be an impromptu photoshoot, if the team and I decide we need some images.

The team heads off around 5.30pm and suddenly I have my flat back. I put the tele on, watch some news and make something for dinner if I’m not heading out.

Life at Khoollect

What do you love most about Khoollect?

Bringing Khoollect to life is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’ve missed the thrill of working on a project where the creative possibilities are endless. It’s also fantastic to be working with like-minded people. Writing cookbooks can be quite a lonely process. You’re stuck behind the stove and the computer most of the time.

What’s your biggest achievement to date?

Taking the risk and doing something that explores creativity and inspiration –Khoollect.

Best Kept Secrets

I khoollect a few … 

Cameras, not digital ones. I have a Pentax K-1000, as well as some Russian film cameras, a few Lomo cameras and a Polaroid SX-70.

What’s your favourite item in your khoollection? 

Probably my Pentax K-1000. I bought it in a secondhand camera shop for my A-Level Art course (this was before digital cameras. Yes, that’s how old I am). It’s travelled the world and I’ve dropped it a few times but it still keeps on taking some pretty amazing pictures.

A life lesson that you’d tell your younger self?

Go for it! You’ve got nothing to loose.

What’s your secret ingredient or top tip in the kitchen? 

Crunchy peanut butter with pickled sweet and sour gherkins. The acidity of the gherkins cuts through the creaminess of the peanut butter. I love having this on top of Swedish knäckebröd (crackers) and can easily wolf down two or three.

Favourite corner of the Internet? 

Spotify puts together some pretty fun playlists. I’m currently busting moves to this one. We’ve also put together some great Spotify lists for Khoollect, which you should check out. 

Who’s your #khoollectcrush?

Malala Yousafzi, Iris Apfel, Michael Fassbender and Anthony Bourdain.

Dogs or cats?

Dogs. Although I did have a cat called ‘Beano’ (black and white with a black beard) who I used to carry around on my shoulders like a shawl when I was a teenager.

Rachel Khoo's Dog, Kit


Urban Favourites

 Favourite food?

Cheese –  preferably an 18-month-old comté. I do love smoked cheddar too.

Favourite drink?

Tea. I can’t get enough of Yogi Tea’s Christmas brew, which is a blend of rooisbos, cinnamon and star anise.

Top three spots to hang out in London?

The parks. My favourites are Primrose Hill, The Regent’s Park or Victoria park. Pavilion Cafe in Victoria park is a great spot. Even if it’s raining, grab an umbrella and put on some wellies. It’s a great way of getting a breathe of fresh air and open space.

Best way to spend a Sunday morning?

Read the Sunday papers, go for a late brunch, then meander through Columbia Road flower market around 3pm and pick up some beautiful flowers. Grab a custard doughnut from St John’s bakery. Head to an exhibition (Barbican have a great Eames exhibition at the mo).

Get home and have a soak in the tub and read some trashy magazine. Then snuggle up on the sofa to watch a TV series –  I really love The Good Wife, Jane the Virgin, and New Girl.

Your favourite place for coffee?

Well Street Kitchen in Homerton, East London.

Well Street Kitchen

Favourite places to eat?

Poco on broadway market: They make the best soft and silky scrambled eggs. Too often scrambled eggs are overcooked and rubbery. I’ve also had a lovely dinner there comprising of lots of seasonal small plates, perfect for sharing.

Pump Street Bakery: This Suffolk-based eatery often does pop-ups in London. I stumbled across their first pop-up a while ago and bought an eccles cake to try. I had to go straight back and buy another one. Their rye crumb, milk and sea salt chocolate is also very moreish.

Night Tales bar: The cocktails are fantastic and go so well with the ultimate grilled cheese from Morty and Bobs. That’s my kind of perfect date.

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