Inside a sculptor’s studio with Kana London

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 Toiling away in her light-filled East London studio, Slovenian-born sculptor Ana Kerin is not afraid to get her hands dirty. In her space, surrounded by things she collects and holds dear, the artist behind Kana London creates beautiful pieces for the home: think delicate spoons, patterned pinch pots and plates that will make the simplest of dishes look like a work of art. We asked Ana about what goes on in her studio, and here’s what she told us:

Kana London Studio
When did you begin Kana London? And what’s been some of the highlights so far?

Kana London was born from serendipity as a result of my training in sculpture and my background in fine art, eventually becoming a fully developed project in London in 2012. The highlight has been meeting many amazing, inspiring and loving people along the way to building Kana, and seeing what it has become. I am incredibly lucky that so many of them have become my friends.

What do you love or find challenging about what you do?

The thing about my work is it’s not really work; it’s just life. It never ends. It gives back as much as you give into it, which seems only fair, but sometimes it’s also hard. My favourite thing to make is bespoke pieces for my friends, and bespoke commissions for private clients, where I get to know them, dine with them, see their kitchens and respond to their life and space where they live and love with my work as intervention.

Kana Studio London

Where do you find inspiration for your products?

It is definitely coming from being tactile. I need to touch things all the time! I collect stones, pieces of little things, objects, emotions, visually gathering moods and textures, and I’ve learned how to combine all those things and use this as inspiration. When I was studying fine art it started with my love for sculpture, making objects with my hands from various materials. My love for good food has somehow created a symbiosis between these things. Sculpting, and an affinity for working with clay, led me to wanting to apply the principles of my art work — the tactile, hand built aesthetics, the traces of my fingerprints and hands on the surface into functional ceramics. 

How would you describe your work?

My approach to work is experimental and playful, as I never follow a procedure and invent new recipes daily. I work with a unique mixture of clays and mix my own glazes, often turning my back on traditional ceramic practice. Hand building, rather than turning on the wheel, further emphasises the individuality of each piece.

Kana London Studio

I khoollect a few …

Stones. I have stones in jars, in my pockets, on the shelves, on the window frame, in my bag and my purse … I also collect artworks from friends, and I collect memories. If you live for good memories, you will live your life fully.

What’s your favourite item in your #khoollection?

A gold braided ring I wear every day. It serves as an important reminder for me that we are in charge of our thoughts and decisions.

Kana Studio London


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Ana Kerin

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See more of Ana’s beautiful work on her website, Twitter and Instagram.

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