‘I’ve always been a keen gift-giver’ — warming hearts with Not-Another-Bill

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Dragging yourself pyjama-clad to you mail box, you walk back inside sifting through a pile of bills, junk mail, take-away menus and reminders. But, every once in a while, an invitation, a handwritten note or a greeting card arrives and effectively brightens your day.

A man who fully comprehends the small pleasure of receiving a surprise in the post is Ned Corbett-Winder, founder of Not-Another-Bill. In fact, in early October he championed a campaign for World Post Day on which his company gave people the opportunity to send a postcard to anyone, anywhere in the world. Pretty romantic, right?

By founding Not-Another-Bill, Ned and his team hope to make the postbox a more magical place to visit each day. Through this gift-giving subscription service, subscribers to Not-Another-Bill receive a surprise gift parcel at their doorstep each month. Like a little piece of wrapped-up happiness. It’s like having a birthday every month. We asked Ned where this idea came from. Here’s what he told us:

What inspired your love for gift giving, and why did you decide to launch Not-Another-Bill?

Not-Another-Bill was born from a comment made by a good friend of mine, who complained that no one gets anything good in the post anymore – just bills and pizza take-away menus. I’ve always been a keen gift-giver and had quite a magpie tendency when it comes to bits and bobs, and gifting. I think that the idea of sending something unique through the post is so simple, but is heartwarming and, somehow, new.

Tell us a little about the concept: what can people expect when they subscribe?

It’s a simple process, just sign up, either for yourself or a loved one, tell us your style and preferences and you will receive a surprise present in the post each month.

Not Another Bill

What’s the response been like from the community so far?

The response has been quite overwhelming; our favourite thing is to hear about how people appreciate a small gift, and how it brightens their day and breaks routine. Our customers are loyal and we value their feedback as we are still a small, growing business. We’re hoping to continue to encourage people to think a little differently when it comes to gifting, and to appreciate sending things through the post.

What are some of your favourite items that you’ve included in your Not-Another-Bill packs?

It’s so difficult to choose; in the office our favourites have been the COOPS earrings and the See Concept sunglasses. One of our subscriber’s favourite gifts has been a chopping board made from reclaimed teak by Dutch brand HK Living, and our Meraki Apothecary Set was very popular.

Who are some of the artists and makers you’ve collaborated with?

We collaborate with a mixture of well-known established designers and brands and small artisan makers. One of the foundations of our service is to introduce our subscribers to new brands and gifts that they haven’t discovered yet. Our recent collaborations have been with UK design studio Tom Pigeon, Parisian sunglasses brand See Concept and interior designer Sophie Conran.

What’s coming up for Not-Another-Bill?

We have lots of exciting new ventures on the horizon – we have been rolling out our own debut line of luxury gifts, ‘Bill’ by Not-Another-Bill. The range has a wide range of travel and desk and fashion accessories.

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