9 magazines to relax with this weekend

Downtime is a luxury for many these days, and sometimes finding the time to read a full novel can be a challenge. When free time is fleeting, grab a beautifully designed magazine filled with inspiring words, pair it with a giant cup of tea, and sit back. Here are 9 of the best magazines we reach for when the weekend comes around:

  1. New Philosopher
    A magazine for the big thinkers, tea drinkers and those seeking more from a weekend read than outfit suggestions, New Philosopher will tickle your fancy and prompt flowing thoughts.
  2. frankie magazine
    One of the most visually satisfying magazines in existence, frankie magazine is a firm favourite amongst the Khoollect team. This Australian-based papery treat feels a lot like recieving a warm hug or a slice of Granny’s carrot cake and contains funny and relatable tales.
  3. Chickpea
    A feast for the eyes, Chickpea is a beautifully designed foodie’s dream from New York. It’s filled with handwritten fonts, gorgeous photography and plant-based food inspiration. This one’s also available in PDF form via the magazine’s website… perfect for your morning commute.
  4. Oh Comely
    Out of London comes this wondrous bundle of comfort. Well written stories sit alongside dreamy images in Oh Comely, while real-life meet-ups and community projects pop off the pages and happen around the UK too. Think hiking adventures and gift swaps.
  5. Lunch Lady
    Lunch Lady, a vibrant new magazine with a focus on food, family and fun, is full of feel-goodness, wisdom and delicious ideas. With a lean toward ‘from scratch’ living, wholesomeness and happy making, this magazine is a breath of fresh air.
  6. Lucky Peach
    This energetic American title has all the food-oriented stories, interviews and recipes you could hope for on your Saturday morning lie-in. Big-name chefs, popular restaurants, opinion pieces and the newest food trends are all served up on the pages of Lucky Peach.
  7. Womankind
    The sibling of New Philosopher, Womankind is a thoughtful, advertising-free publication that champions intelligence, art, slow living, creativity and progression. Each new issue sets its readers a new challenge (for example, a week without negative thought, or TV), which gets your brain ticking in a new way.
  8. Smith Journal
    There are few things better than a good story told well. And, Smith Journal is filled with fascinating, funny and surprising tales spun to perfection. Beside its stories, you’ll spy awe-inspiring photos and clean designs.
  9. peppermint magazine
    A long-running eco-chic publication centred on sustainability, environmental awareness and heartwarming inspiration, peppermint magazine is a glimpse into a better, cruelty-free world where creativity and harmony abound.

What are your favourite magazines? Tell us in the comments below.

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