Words of wisdom: 9 quotes from small business owners

As a small business that loves to support fellow small businesses, we’ve brought together 9 quotes plucked from some of our favourite interviews with those in the know. Here’s some of our favourite words of wisdom from small business owners:

  1. ‘Make friends with other small business owners. Meet up with them regularly and chat business. They will often have ways to solve problems you have, and think of things you might not have considered.’ — the team behind Able and Game.
  2. ‘Trying out new techniques or a creative venture can be much more fun if you pack a picnic and make it into a weekend project with a friend!’ — Lyndsey Haskell, What You Sow.
  3. ‘Start off by going through your list of suppliers. Question their eco credibility and say goodbye to all those who can’t (or won’t) deliver or ship in an eco-friendly manner. (We have said goodbye to many who haven’t met our standards.)’ — Camilla Kovac, The Kovac Family.
  4. ‘Never underestimate the importance of research and development, and user testing. A fresh set of eyes always picks up the things that you may have overlooked. For me, it was vital to get feedback on my trousers from all shapes and sizes; bodies are all so different, which means a garment won’t ever fit or look the same on everyone.’ — Maxine Thompson, Polka Pants.
  5. ‘As we grow, we look forward to increasing our positive social impact along the way.’ — the team behind Butternut Box.
  6. ‘Next year, Thread Den will celebrate 10 years! Since 2007, my first three years weren’t about chasing aggressive growth for Thread Den. I’ve concentrated on perfecting our workshops, creating a format that produces consistency for our students and ensuring we have the right suppliers, best prices and reducing unnecessary costs to the business. So the growth during this time has been really organic. I’m finally starting to feel like it is about right from a business perspective.’ — Danielle Bamford, Thread Den.
  7. When we started there was just a few of us and now we have around 100 really amazing people working with The Happy Pear. Sometimes when we reflect back on it all, it seems like a dream – a really fun dream that we’re really proud to be part of!’ – Stephen and David Flynn, The Happy Pear.
  8. ‘I work from home, which I love! I’ve been working as a designer for four years and, although my days can be varied, I always try and do something creative or hands on every day. I start my day doing admin and email work. I am a seriously organised person. That being said, I am also ridiculously forgetful so I have a diary for my textiles and homewares business and a separate one for my workshops.’ — Nancy Straughan.
  9. ‘Work hard. Success is rarely easily won in this industry.’ — Daniel Heath.


Do you own a small business? What advice would you offer?

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