9 spooky DIY projects: get creative this Halloween

We’ll take any excuse to dress up at Khoollect HQ, and Halloween is the perfect occasion. What better time to pop on your creative (witch’s) hat and do a little DIY? Whether it’s decor to scare your guests, an outfit to trick-or-treat in, or some delicious Halloween-inspired snacks, there are so many projects to choose from. We’ve rounded up some our favourite Halloween projects and recipes from the wide, wacky web to inspire your creativity this year. And no, cutting holes in a white sheet does not suffice for a DIY ghost costume. We think you can do better than that. Check out these nine ideas from the best of the blogs:

  1. Halloween by candlelight
    Try your hands at this golden candle-holding skull to light up your Halloween party.
  2. Canine costume
    Perfect for puppies, this easy-to-make costume is ideal for candy lovers.
  3. Bling your baby
    You’re never too young to get in the spirit of the season. Here’s four costume ideas for the little ones in your lives.
  4. Candy-inspired drinks
    If you’re a sweets fiend, you’re likely to enjoy this orange-hued beverage too.
  5. Real-life Snapchat filters
    Wish you could look how you do on Snapchat in real life? Now you can.
  6. Easy peasy pumpkin decor
    Put away your carving tools and give this nifty pumpkin-decorating DIY a try.
  7. Mighty monster cookies
    These critters look a little too cute to eat…but you’ll want to.
  8. Littlest jack-o-lanterns
    If pumpkin carving is a tiresome challenge, give this alternative idea a go.
  9. Creepy gifts for your guests
    Give your party guests a take-home treat they won’t forget any time soon.

For more ideas check out our Pinterest board.

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