Khoollect’s hotlist of feel-good Instagrammers

For mornings (especially Mondays) when your mood is a little low, or you’re feeling less-than-content, take a peek at these feel-good Instagrammers for a fresh boost of positivity:


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Emergency Compliment
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fleeting flattery
We recommend you visit this Instagram account once every morning; you’ll be feeling great about yourself in no time.

Changing your surroundings won't change you, but it can inspire you to change. I love to be alone, I always have, and as I've gotten older I've grown to love it even more. My practice was at it's best – meaning most consistent – when I lived alone. There's something to be said for the energy around you impacting what parts of you come to surface. It's no excuse, but sometimes we (I) allow it to be. Three days ago I moved into my new apartment, and to my surprise I have roof access to myself. The last tenant had the door covered over so I didn't know it was there. My immediate thoughts were sunrise, sunset, and yoga. This morning I woke up and l went out to the roof to practice, and felt so free. Free to settle into my own routine, to make time for myself and my yoga practice amidst all the traveling and teaching and intertwining energy of others. Just when I feel like the strength is gone, I am reminded it's always within me in so many ways. PS if you're in the area and interested in privates, shoot me an email!

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Dana Falsetti
United States
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bendy yoga poses
Dana Falsetti’s Instagram account has gained a massive following, owing to Dana’s healthy approach to body image and flexibility!

Daily Good Vibes
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feel-good mantras
Get a happy dose of good vibes, daily, with this cheery feed that’s set to put your mind at ease.

The Happy Hunters
United States
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little bursts of happy
Need a morale boost? Visit The Happy Hunters’ account to get your feel-good fix.

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