Khoollect’s hotlist of pattern-loving Instagrammers

Whether it’s the artworks on our walls, the linens on our tables or the clothes we don each day, the Khoollect team loves a good pattern. And, it seems there’s a whole world of Instagrammers out there who enjoy them too. We’ve done some exploring (tough work, but someone’s got to do it) and have compiled a list of some of our favourite pattern-crazed Instagrammers. Here’s whose feeds we’re enjoying:

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Get your fix: textile designs
Patterns involving animals, vegetables and creepy crawly insects make this textile designer’s feed a fun one to follow.

• Szent István blvrd | Budapest | 13th district •

A photo posted by budapestianfloors (@budapestianfloors) on

Budapestian Floors
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Get your fix: European tiles
Although in life we’re often encouraged to look up, this feed is dedicated to looking down at the many interesting patterned floors of Budapest.

Another sneak peek of something I've been working on. Sushi!

A photo posted by Emily Nelson Art (@emilynelsonart) on

Emily Nelson Art
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Get your fix: puppies, flamingos and flora
From ice-creams to cacti, to furry critters and fruit, Emily Nelson is an artist who creates fabulously vibrant patterns.

A photo posted by kate pugsley (@katepugsley) on

Kate Pugsley
Location: Chicago, US
Get your fix: calming colours, beachscapes and abstract prints
Kate Pugsley’s pattern-heavy work will make you want to take down all art from your walls and begin a-new.

All in a row. #handpainted #handmade #necklace #jewellery #patterns #spots #pastels #dscolor #dstexture #dspatterns

A photo posted by lucie_ellen (@lucie_ellen) on

Lucie Ellen
London, UK
Get your fix:
geometric shapes
London-based maker of wooden jewellery, Lucie Ellen fills her feed with her fun accessories and patterns she spots in her daily travels.

Maryanne Moodie
Location: Brooklyn, US
Get your fix:
weaver fever
Beware: those who visit this maker’s pattern-filled feed might just catch weaver fever. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Location: Dandenong Ranges, Australia
Get your fix: gold foiled artworks and petals
Lucy and Lily of Peaches and Keen form a nifty duo. Gawk their account for the pair’s patterned designs and eye-catching styling.


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