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Team Khoollect talk: what is hygge?

If we had a blanket for every time we’ve heard the Danish word ‘hygge‘ in the past month, we’d probably be the warmest, cosiest people in the UK. The term’s been bandied about a lot of late, as the weather cools and time spent indoors becomes a little more frequent. But what is ‘hygge’, how do we pronounce it, and how do we get on board? Team Khoollect does its best to answer:

Hannah Adams, Partnerships and Marketing Manager

For me, hygge is about appreciating the little things in life. Yes it’s about embracing the cold and getting cosy, but I think it’s being aware of it. Taking time to be thankful that I’m lying in a steaming hot bath, with nice smelling candles, reading my Kindle with a glass of wine on the side. Feeling fortunate that I can walk through Richmond Park watching deer prance around in the autumn leaves. I am so lucky to have these moments but they are worth nothing if I don’t take the time to appreciate them.

Lara Messer, Creative Editor

Winter is my season. Seriously. In summer, I question whether I can even make it to tomorrow. Hygge for me is making cosy curries, cuddling cats and staying in my pyjamas all day. I will even sneak my PJ top under my clothes. It doesn’t get more hygge than that.

Sonya Gellert, Deputy Editor

Although I’m still pronouncing hygge as ‘high-geh’ and thoroughly annoying my colleagues by doing so, to me the concept is about creating a warm, cosy ambience or atmosphere and making the most of the cooler seasons. So rather than trying desperately to enjoy your day-to-day life despite the cold, hygge is centred on embracing the cold and the nice things that come with it (like mulled wine and puddings). For me, hygge is curling up with a large book, imbibing a hot drink and nestling in beneath my doona. And, if I’m feeling particularly restless, you’ll find me in a toasty hot yoga studio.

Sami Sharaf, Creative Content Assistant

I’m much more of a summer person than winter, so getting cosy is essential in getting me through these cooler months. There’s nothing I love more than to find a local cosy pub with an open fire, that will fit my friends and family for a stodgy full Sunday roast and beers.

What does hygge mean to you? Join the conversation!

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