Makers gonna make: meet our favourite creative YouTubers

Alongside the viral news, cute cats and unboxing videos, YouTube presents a fabulous array of resourses for those who want to pick up some new skills. Team Khoollect is always eager to try out new DIY projects, pick up new hobbies and have a giggle with our online community, so we thought we’d share some of our favourite creative YouTubers we think you’ll love too.

The Craft Coven
Whether you want to make wearable art, or craft something spectacular for the home, Alice Nightingale and her co-crafters of The Craft Coven is a pack we want to ride with. Give this girl a whirl.

Suzelle DIY
This energetic presenter makes any DIY project look easy as pie. In her colourful studio, Suzelle will teach you how to make delicious treats and decorative home pieces. Just try not to giggle at Suzelle’s explanations; we challenge you.

Fancy Free
Hosted by Rachel Burke (Apomogy) and Patience Hodgson (The Grates), Fancy Free will take you on a light-hearted romp through the world of crafting. Why not swamp some sunglasses with sparkly gems, or create leggy confetti? (Watch to find out what that means…)

Hermione Chantal
The Khoollect team loves a DIY that involves recycling and upcycling unwanted items, or making things we might ordinarily buy in a store. For this reason, Hermione’s videos capture our imaginations.

Who are your favourite creative YouTubers and vloggers? Let us know in the comments…

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