Khoollect tips: a stylist’s tricks for quick-fix stain removal

Dropped a little pasta sauce on your white shirt at lunch? Tipped a little coffee on your trousers while walking to the office? Never fear, TV stylist Lauren Bush shares her tips for removing stains from clothing while on the go. Here are her clever hacks:

1. Gaffer tape is the best quick-fix to remove makeup from garments. Lightly press it against the makeup and it will lift right off onto the tape. (You can also use very good-quality masking tape, although it doesn’t work as well.)

2. Spill breakfast on yourself as you’re running out the door for a meeting? Use a Sard stick and Wet Ones (baby wipes) for quick spot stain removal. Rub some Sard stick on the stain and wipe it off with a Wet One. Either use a hair dryer to quickly dry the wet spot, or leave it to dry naturally.

3. Talcum powder is excellent for removing or reducing oil stains on silks and other delicate fabrics. Lay the garment flat and cover the stain in talcum powder. Leave it to sit for as long as possible (at least ten minutes) and then brush it off. If it’s still there, repeat and leave the powder on for longer.

4. Your own saliva gets your own blood out of clothing. If you accidentally bleed on your new white garment, spit on a cotton ball and continue to dab on the area until the stain is gone. (Note: it doesn’t work if it’s someone else’s blood.)

5. Dish-washing liquid with a de-greaser in it is excellent for removing grease stains from clothing. Wet the whole garment and rub the dish-washing liquid on the stained area. Wash the garment as usual.

6. Pen stain on your white shirt or leather handbag? Pure alcohol removes ink stains from fabric. Dab or wipe the stain with an alcohol-soaked cloth until it disappears. Alternatively, I keep alcohol swabs in my kit for removing ink stains on the go. (Note: it’s always a good idea to test a patch of the fabric on an inconspicuous part of the garment first to make sure it is colour-fast.)

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