Khoollect’s offline meet-up: becoming more productive

You’ll often find Team Khoollect perched behind its computer screens clacking away on keyboards, endeavouring to meet deadlines; we’re a productive bunch, but when given the chance we love to meet-up, face to face, with members of the Khoollect community. If you’ve seen the wrap-up from our mindful talks event, you’ll know we love to have a chat with like-minded folk in an offline setting.

So, with this in mind, the team held its first of its casual offline meet-up event series at go-to event space, Sourced Market. This time, we headed to their sleek Victoria site. The theme for the evening? Productivity.

Perfect for putting us in an organised frame of mind, stationery was provided by super stylish notebook purveyors Present & Correct. With fresh notebooks and nifty pens at the ready, a cluster of inspring Khoollectors gathered over tea and coffee to discuss the theme at hand: finding your productivity jam.

Having discussed the challenges we all face from time to time with balancing day jobs, side projects and life in general, in a variety of industries, the group shared their top productivity tips. We decided they were too good not to share.

The Khoollect community’s tips for becoming more productive:

  1. Artist Elke Boschinger, of @theremaybecats says, when working for yourself, it’s a good idea to make yourself accountable, by sharing your goals with friends and on social media. She also insists it’s essential to find your ‘work-work-life’ balance (for those with more than one type of work in their lives!).
  2. Julianne Benford, @juliannebenford, suggests we find the right soundtrack for each activity. ‘I must have at least 100 Spotify playlists that I’ve made or followed,’ she told us.
  3. Sally Hamer, the talented food photographer behind @shootthebaker boosted our blogging confidence, saying, ‘Be positive about yourself. Don’t beat yourself up about time-management or your creative output; whenever and whatever you post, it should be commended and celebrated.’
  4. Agnieszka, the career-savvy woman behind, gave us two valuable pieces of advice:
    • Set up your morning and evening routine to help you start the day and wind down in the evening.
    • Schedule time for particular activities, be it phone calls, emails or creating, for example.
  5. Laura, The Alchemist About Town, a management consultant and lifestyle editor, says particularly for those who run their own businesses, on weekends you should schedule in time for yourself for work-life balance. Laura also recommends working collaboratively and implementing document/version control!
  6. Anna Wallis, the creative designer, stylist and photographer behind and @rps_weddings told us, ‘If you think of a task that takes less than five minutes, don’t add it to your to-do list … do it straight away!’
  7. Julieta Lucca, writer, cook, recipe developer, food stylist and photographer, (and the woman behind this magazine) said, ‘It may be cliché, but don’t compare yourself with others in terms of creativity. You are you and there’s a chance you can bring something new to the table.’
  8. A woman with a knack for decorating incredible cakes Barinder, @berri_berri, gave some sage advice when she said, ‘Don’t be afraid to take your hobby/passion seriously!’
  9. Our own Creative Content Assistant, chef and blogger Gabi Van is a true foodie who says, ‘Bring snacks to work. You’ll have more energy by the end of the day, and be full of focus!’
  10. The social media pro behind KERB, Tara Rudd had some handy tips and told us, ‘Write when you have creative splurges: be it on the train, or anywhere. On your phone, note down your thoughts and observations that inspire you. These don’t have to have a purpose or link directly to anything right away, but they may help you spring new ideas later on.’

Our Deputy Editor, Sonya, has also put together a list of her top productivity tips, here.

Thank you to all who attended, and we hope to see you at our next offline meet-up!

Tell us, what themes would you like to discuss at a Khoollect meet-up in future? And what are your top productivity tips?


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