Holiday at home: tips for mastering the staycation

When your energy levels, enthusiasm (and funds) for planning a trip away are on the lower end of the scale, taking a staycation may be an ideal alternative to booking a getaway. With things to do and people to see, many of us spend very few hours at home these days. Too often, our bustling, stimulating lives can make relaxing at home a patience-challenging task. And, when we’re actually at home, we spy that full basket of laundry waiting to be washed, odd jobs around the house that need addressing and opportunities to catch up on emails and that dreaded ‘life admin’.

But, the staycation is all about giving yourself permission to have some much-deserved time out; to do the things you enjoy (or, nothing at all) at home. So, schedule some time out, switch on that out-of-office email responder and pick up that book you’ve left resting on your bedside table for months now.

Here’s how you master the ultimate staycation:

  1. Toss out the to-do list
    This may seem scary to some, but the staycation is not about tidying up loose ends, running errands or achieving anything. This is an intentional break. Pretend you’re in an Airbnb apartment in a new city, and explore your interests as you would on a ‘real’ holiday.
  2. Explore your neighbourhood
    Go out for lunch as you might on holiday; order takeaway, or cook for pleasure; visit somewhere you haven’t been before; explore your local markets; relax in your local park; see an exhibition; go to the movies; and, importantly, ‘waste’ time doing things you love to do when you travel beyond your hometown.
  3. Go incommunicado
    As much as you can, avoid spending too much of your staycation in front of your phone, computer or other WiFi-connected devices. Where possible, try to unplug from the real world — leaving you to practise the art of relaxation. Note: Netflix and podcast binges are definitely an exception to this rule.
  4. Rekindle a hobby
    Flex those creative muscles while you have the time: pick up an instrument you have lying around, dance around your living room to your favourite album or playlist, pick up a paint brush, get (back) into yoga, scrub up on another language, or get gardening. The options are endless.
  5. Treat yourself
    Get your beauty sleep, take long baths, indulge in face masks, get a massage and waltz around your home in a soft, fluffy robe as though you’re staying in a resort. Fill the house with fresh flowers, pick up some holiday-inspired snacks and magazines, and put your feet up.


Have you had a staycation? What tips would you add to this list?

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