Khoollect tips: perfecting the picnic

Although picnics are conventionally casual affairs — think friends sitting around a few thrown-together snacks purchased on the way to the park, haphazardly strewn across a blanket — the Khoollect team prefers to take its picnic efforts to the next level. You might say we’re proficient in the art of picnicking. To ensure your set-up is more polished than a Pinterest post, we thought we’d let you in on a few of our best tips:

What to eat

It’s easy to pick up some snacks from the supermarket en route, but why not raise the picnic bar with homemade goodies?

What to pack

  • Always bring something to sit on. If you’re a regular park-goer, we recommend purchasing a waterproof picnic blanket that you can easily fold up. Another option is to bring an old blanket and a piece of tarpaulin to lay underneath and keep you dry.
  • It may seem obvious, but bring a rubbish bag (or two, to separate recyclable items). Inevitably someone in your picnic party will forget theirs. We say, leave nothing but footprints behind.
  • Cutlery for eating and serving your food is essential, as are plates or serviettes (depending on your choice of provisions). It can be handy to bring a sturdy cutting board to sit drinks and other precarious items on as well. If you’re bringing beverages, you might also like to pack cups (and a small container of pre-cut fruit pieces to add to your drinks). Bonus points are awarded for considering your colour scheme.
  • If you’re bringing a four-legged friend, be sure to bring water for them, snacks and a leash.
  • A bottle of water, sun cream and a hat, for long days spent in the sunshine, are must-haves too.
  • For fun, if you’re planning a longer day out, you may like to pack a portable radio or speakers (try this playlist), books, magazines and even card games.

Where to meet

  • Pick somewhere central for your picnic attendees, to save lugging your equipment across town. A park with dappled shade is ideal.
  • If you’re barbecuing, consider whether your preferred park allows barbecues (or has any on site).
  • Those with pets might like to check up on whether a park is dog (or cat) friendly, and if there’s plenty of space for pets to roam.
  • If you’re in London, try these outdoor escapes.

Planning a picnic? Share your picnic shots and Khoollect recipe results with us by tagging @khoollect and hashtagging #khoollectcook


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